Tips for Buyers & Sellers

Attention Buyers!

A lot goes into buying a home…a lot more than most people realize.  When it comes time to make a decision about one of your most important assets, you need to have confidence in the Realtor® you choose.
Over the years, Patterson-Schwartz Real Estate has earned the reputation of trusted real estate advisor-we listen first, then develop a marketing and sales strtegy with your objectives, priorities and needs in mind.  The end result- to reach our mutual objective of achieving the maximum possible price for your home in the shortest amount of time

As you take your first steps to home ownership, I will:

  • Define your specific needs and preferences.
  • Identify area, community and school preferences.
  • Assist with obtaining a mortgage pre-approval.
  • Search all homes for sale from the Multiple Listing Service and other sources and prepare a list of candidate properties.
  • Set up appointments to see the selected homes at your convenience.
  • We will determine the required characteristics of your new home.
  • I will identify available homes that meet your criteria whether they are listed by Patterson-Schwartz or another Realtor.
  • I will provide you with information on communities, schools,churches and ant other area characteristics you need.
  • We will determine the maximum mortgage amount you qualify for.
  • I will advise you of the financing options available to you.
  • I will give you an estimate of the cash required for the purchase.
  • I will research past appreciation rates for the communities.
  • I will meet with you periodically to review progress.
  • I will help you inspect the property prior to settlement.
  • I will advise you on the preparation of an offer.
  • I will monitor progress toward closing when your contract is accepted.
  • I will stay in contact with the listing agent to make sure things are proceeding smoothly.
  • I will attend settlement with you.

Attention Sellers!

Prospects may wonder why your home has been on the market so long or if something is wrong with the property, even after you lower the price.  When over-priced properties do sell, they often sell for less than they would have if they’d been priced right from the start.
The good news.  At Patterson-Schwartz, we put significant time and resources into the collection, analysis and evaluation of our local real estate market data.  This provides us with a keen understanding of trends in the real estate market and enables us to produce relevant property valuations.  Pricing your home correctly makes a difference in how quickly, and for how much it sells.

Real estate industry surveys as well as our experience show that an overpriced property causes the following to occur:

- Loss of excitement that a new listing generates.  Agents are working with buyers who have seen what is currently on the market and are waiting for something new to be listed.  Therefore, most activity will take place within the first two to three weeks of a listing.  Your home will likely receive its best offers during this time.  After this initial period, the only people who come to look at your home will be new buyers in the markeplace.
- Loss of the most qualified prospects.  Potential buyers will not “make an offer” because they may never see your property.  They will view the properties that are priced within their purchase-power range, knowing that they cannot afford anything above their range.

1st impressions are so important!  

Look at your home like it was the 1st time.  Starting with walking up to the front door.  Take your time and stroll through your home, one room at a time.  Staging your home is very important.  Rooms look larger, brighter and more inviting.  You can do this with my help or with the help of a professional stager.