6 Ways to Make a Room Look Bigger

Maybe you rent a small apartment in the city. Or maybe your forever home features smaller rooms. Instead of spending more money on a larger space or knocking down a wall, you can make a room feel larger with a mix of design and creativity. Maximize every inch of your space with these beginner and budget-friendly decorating tips. 

Hang Curtains High

Instead of mounting your curtain rods just above the top of your windows, move up about five to six inches higher. This will create length to the wall, giving off the impression that the ceiling is higher than it actually is. Be sure to use curtains that reach the floor to highlight this illusion.

Bring in the Light

Darkness can be univiting and create the sense of a small space. In regards to your curtains, letting in a lot of natural light is a great way to make a room feel larger. Use sheer panels instead of opaque or light blocking curtains. Choosing warming LED light bulbs for lamps and overhead lighting create the look of natural and comfortable light without being too bright or too dark.

Utilize Built-In Storage

Built-in bookshelves or cabinets allow for maximum storage space and minimal clutter. If your home doesn’t already have this, you can build it yourself. Or, utilize furniture with hidden storage, such as ottomans, benches and coffee tables to help clear up clutter and add more space. 

Put Up Mirrors

Similar to windows, mirrors give the illusion of a larger space. Hanging a few, or even one, on your wall essentially doubles the space of the room in the reflection, adding dimension and depth. If your room has limited light, hang the mirror across from the window, projecting more natural light throughout the space from a new angle. 

Choose the Right Rug

Rugs provide not only comfort, but design and style, to a room. Size your rugs to each respective room to optimize the space. To create depth in a room, go for one large rug, leaving about six to 12 inches of space from the wall. For a room heavy in furniture, such as a bedroom or living room, utilizing smaller rugs to break up the space, creating separate sections and areas.

Paint With Light Colors 

The color of a room plays a large part in the illusion of size. When rooms are painted with darker colors, or even a patterned wallpaper, it can feel overwhelming and give off the feel of a smaller space. To maximize the size, painting with lighter colors, like white, grey, light blue, beige projects a spacious feel. To bring in some color, play with an accent wall, throw pillows and blankets and artwork without losing depth. 

Reprinted with permission from RISMedia. ©2021. All rights reserved.

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